Getting Started

What files are supported on T-Portal?

For translation, machine translation, proofreading, and content writing these are the currently supported file formats: docx, pdf, xml, xlsx, and csv  For transcription and subtitling, these are the

What services can I order through T-Portal?

T-Portal currently offers the following services.   1. Translation  2. Machine Translation  3. Proofreading  4. Transcription  5. Subtitling  6. Content Writing  We’re always working on expanding the

Who can use T-Portal?

T-Portal can be accessed by anyone for free. If you’re a business with ongoing content needs, you can get in touch with us to learn about our different subscription plans that

What features are included with T-Portal?

With T-Portal, you get:  – One-click access to content requests  – Automatic Wordcount with easy upload/download  – Progress dashboards for monitoring & analysis  – Online

How do I use T-Portal?

In this manual, we will walk through T-Portal and learn how to use it.1.Go and login. 2.Type your e-mail address and password, and if you

What is T-Portal?

T-Portal is an online content servicing platform where individuals and teams can directly access a full range of language solutions including translation, localization, subtitling, transcription, copywriting, and transcreation. We understand that creating multilingual content