Case Study: Smart Media Cuts Down Translation Costs by 48% for Annual Reports with Tarjama

Smart Media – Localizing Reports for the KSA Market 

Smart Media The Annual Report Company is a leading corporate communications agency headquartered in Sri Lanka, doing business in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe.  

Smart Media focuses on creating innovative ideas that go beyond traditional annual reporting, to become effective instruments of corporate, marketing, and strategic communications.  

With a significant portion of their Middle East market share now being in the KSA Arabic-speaking market, localizing content for their KSA clients was very important for them.   

The Challenge – A Lengthy and Costly Translation Workflow 

Smart Media’s existing and potential customers in KSA are very important to the growth of their business. However, since Smart Media’s team does not natively speak nor understand Arabic while their KSA clients rely on Arabic for communication and content, this language barrier came with costly implications.  

Their traditional process of handling KSA requests was too extensive where once they receive any Arabic documents, they would need to quickly translate them into English – the common language their team works with – before even starting content development and design work. Once the English drafts were finalized, they were required to retranslate them back to Arabic in order to deliver them to their clients.   

The Solution – Business centric Neural Machine Translation 

Tarjama provided Smart Media with a Neural Machine Translation  license, which their team can use at their disposal any time for instant and on-demand translation. Tarjama’s advanced NMT is built using a wealth of pre-approved business data, which meant that the raw MT output did a great job in translating all their client briefs, requirements, and initial Arabic to English translation.  

Additionally, Tarjama created  bilingual glossaries for Smart Media’s recurring clients and provided a dedicated account manager to assist their team by attending meetings with clients and understanding the scope. In addition, 

“Working with Tarjama has been fantastic. Their quality, expertise, and speed of delivery makes it easy for us to deliver high-quality output for our clients.” – Damith Mendis – Director, Marketing


The Results – Optimized cost, quality, and speed 

  • Reduced costs - Smart Media reduced their translation cost by 48% by removing the first layer of human translation and instead utilizing Tarjama’s NMT. Now they only rely on human translation for the final output. 
  • Instant translation – Smart Media can now get instant translation for all client requirements as well as the initial content translation so that their team can start working on the projects as soon as they receive the brief.   
  • Faster go-to-market speed – By utilizing Tarjama’s competitive service that’s centered around cutting-edge language technology, Smart Media is able to build reports, respond to requests, and finalize deliverables much faster than before for its client base.   
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