Certified Translation Masterclass by Tarjama

Get everything you need to stand out as a translator in the KSA labor market! 

 Learn from the best 

Using our wealth of translation experience, leading position across the MENA region, top-expert linguists, and language technology, we’ve developed all-encompassing curriculums to train KSA translators in EN<>AR translation so they can excel in the competitive labor market of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.  

Our masterclass goes beyond theoretical education – we believe a student can only learn by doing, and by putting theories into practice.  

Who is this Masterclass for?  

Do you want to kick off your career as a translator? Do you need to develop your translation skills? Are you curious to learn more about translation and translation technology? Then Tarjama’s Masterclass is for you!  

  • University students or graduates  
  • Independent and freelance translators 
  • Translators within firms 
  • Absolutely anyone (with a good grasp of Arabic and English) and a curiosity for translation 
  • Why choose our Certified Translation Masterclass? 

  • Learn from the leading Arabic translation experts in the region 
  • Get custom-built training localized for KSA 
  • Acquire the globally recognized certification of Association of Translation Companies 
  • Become a translation expert in the competitive landscape of KSA 
  •  Master translation technology built for the Arabic language  
  • Choose the training program that fits your needs 

  • Intensive Masterclass in Written Translation (50 hours) 
  • General Translation Masterclass (15 hours) 
  • Media Translation Masterclass (15 hours) 
  • Commercial and Economic Masterclass (15 hours) 
  • Translation Technology Masterclass (15 hours) 
  • Ready to boost your career in translation?  

    About Tarjama 

    Tarjama is a smart language solutions company helping organizations globally scale with multilingual content of every format and language. Since our foundation in 2008, we’ve been successfully delivering multi-million-word translation projects for leading organizations across all sectors in the Arab region. We’re proud to be globally recognized as a leader and authority in translation and content creation and we’re committed to bringing the world closer together – word by word! 

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