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At Tarjama, we leverage our proprietary cutting-edge technologies that enable our people to deliver content for your business at phenomenal speed and efficiency. Tarjama uses a disruptive business model that reshapes the way the language industry works by integrating AI at every step of the workflow.

With over a decade of experience in the language industry, Tarjama has built technology that addresses relevant business challenges in the industry. Building engines using the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we’ve automated repetitive tasks and augmented human capabilities, enabling 10 people to do the work of 50, at higher quality results! We break the language barrier for enterprises so they can grow their global presence with seamless, localized content.

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Bringing the world closer together with AI language technology

In a highly digital and interconnected world, businesses are no longer bound by geographies, resulting in a huge demand for content and translation. Studies show that over 72% of international consumers are more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. Consumers now seek unique and tailored local content that they can understand and relate to.

Combining our translation expertise and technological innovation, we partner with enterprises to maximize their localization efforts, enabling them to interact with their global consumers and grow rapidly.

It all began with a word

Driven by her fascination with languages and the way we communicate, Nour Al Hassan founded Tarjama in 2008 to meet the growing demand for good translation services that cater to the unique multicultural environment of the Middle East. By tapping into an undervalued network of exceptional and talented women, she challenged conventional norms and went on to excel in the translation and localization fields. Under her leadership, Tarjama set new standards in the industry through its commitment to quality, speed, and extraordinary linguistic value.


Don't just take our words for it

We’re committed to creating unique value

Customer-Centric AI

We employ technologies such as TMS, MT, and ASR trained on industry-custom engines to deliver quality content that’s on point.

Human-Powered Delivery

We employ technologies such as TMS, MT, and ASR trained on industry-custom engines to deliver quality content that’s on point.

Trusted Partnership

We move beyond transactional relationships with our clients and build sustainable partnerships that drive long-lasting value.

Augmented Approach

Combining top talents with advanced AI, we create better, more efficient workflows that reduce time and money spent.

Meet The Team

If you’re looking to join Tarjama team, please go to our Careers page.

Nour Al Hassan

Chief Executive Officer

Ghassan Shehab

Finance Director

Zaid Al-Radaideh

Chief Operations Officer

Sahar Salama

Chief Customer Excellence Officer

Dr. Rebecca Jonsson

Chief Product Officer​

Iyad Ahmed

Chief Technology Officer​

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