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If you run a multi-lingual operation, you know the importance of providing your customers with fast and reliable support in a language they understand.

You also know how difficult it can be to hire and manage help-desk operators in all your languages in all locales.

In most instances, businesses have created customer-facing solutions to address common issues without their users having to speak to a representative over the phone. For online interactions such as emails, discussion forums and chats, Tarjama provides timely professional language services to support communication between businesses and their international customers.

Availability of support resources in multiple languages improves customer experience.

Our on-demand language and content solutions utilize the combined power of human and machine translation to deliver accurate customer support in real-time. Our AI-powered TMS automates most operations to reduce overreliance on human translators, allowing them to focus their energies on the creative segments of localization.

Professional language services at your fingertips

We’ve been helping companies communicate efficiently with their global customers, audiences, partners, and stakeholders for over 14 years. You too can get started now with our wide range of multilingual services.​

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Bringing the world closer together Human talent powered by AI

We are committed to reshaping the language industry with our tech-assisted human delivery.

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Our mission is to enable businesses to scale rapidly by interacting seamlessly with their global consumers.

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We use the latest advances in AI and machine learning to deliver reliable solutions that transform business process.

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