How Birkenstock increased sales revenue in the Middle East with Tarjama in 3 months? 

About Birkenstock 

With global headquarters, production and logistics based throughout Germany, Birkenstock footwear is sold in approximately 90 countries worldwide. As one of the most notable footwear brands in the market, the company is on a continuous mission to expand its global reach while producing high-quality items, ethically. 


When Birkenstock entered the Arabic market, they were ready to sell their premium designs to a vibrant new market. They did everything right; they created an Arabic version of their website and included their entire catalog so users could browse and order in Arabic, they rolled out a social media campaign, they hired a renowned logistics company; they were more than prepared to serve the new region. 

However, their shipping process was not as streamlined as they wanted it to be. Their last mile provider lacked the capacity to work in Arabic. So when customers ordered, the company would not be able to ship out orders to addresses provided in Arabic (they operate only in English) which threatened the entire supply chain. Birkenstock needed to hire an intermediate between their customers and the logistics company to translate the addresses. 

Birkenstock went in search of a language services provider offering modern translation solutions that would align with their values as well as handle the bulk and urgency of their orders. Tarjama was recommended to them by their last mile service provider DHL. 

What they liked about Tarjama was their long-standing reputation as the leading language services provider in the region, and their ability to leverage the best-in-class, AI-enabled technology for expedited turnaround time. Tarjama’s dynamic platform, which is constantly adding new capabilities to match the MEA’s fast-growing market, was also a key selling point to Birkenstock. They wanted a partner that had the same growth mindset as them, providing services that would not create a bottle-neck to their customers’ shopping. 

Tarjama provides Birkenstock with efficient Arabic language support 

Since September 2022, Tarjama has been translating addresses for Birkenstock’s Middle East arm facilitating a smooth, online shopping experience for its Arabic customers.  

When a client submits an order, Tarjama receives, via an API integration, an automatic request to its AI engine to transliterate part of the order details automatically into English, Birkenstock then receives the transliterated address details back instantly to incorporate into the information sent to the shipping company without any lag time.    

Using Tarjama’s API integration, the company has of date processed 3000 requests over all over the region.  

With Tarjama’s language input supporting the company’s sales processing, as well as the team’s informed technical development, marketing and communication strategy, Birkenstock has realized an increase of upwards of 10% in MEA revenue in less than three months, the highest in the region so far. 

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