How To Improve Spelling: 5 Tricks To Try Today

Spelling words can be difficult, particularly in the age of automated spelling correction tools like Grammarly and Word – if the work is done for you, how will you learn?

Spelling words, hard ones in particular, needs practice – just like any other skill such as public speaking or essay writing. If you’re looking for ways on how to improve spelling in a new, creative way, you’ve come to the right place! Try these tips and tricks for spelling words today and let us know which ones you liked best.

1) Turn on the subtitles

If you’re watching a movie or TV show in English, turn on the subtitles and make it a point to read them as you listen. While this may not turn you into a spelling professional right away, it helps you better identify when a word doesn’t “look” right.

2) Look for the word in publications

It could be the newspaper, a magazine, a report, or even a novel – look for the word while reading and highlight it each time. So, if you’re practicing the word “environment,” grab a nearby issue of a green energy report or an article on eco-friendly practices and just highlight the word as you go. Your eyes will get used to the structure of the word and how it’s spelled and you’ll be able to spell it properly without any help.

3) Split it

Split it

Even the most experienced writers and editors have trouble spelling words like “conscience,” but a good trick to try in this case would be to split the word into two parts, “con” and “science.” Then every time you try to remember it, think of a conman conducting a scientific experiment, and you’ll be able to spell it easily.

4) Use it as often as possible

This is a particularly useful trick if the word you’re struggling with is relevant to your job. If you’re a chef having trouble spelling the word “zucchini” for example, keep using it in your emails, notes, and conversations. The repetition will help your eyes visualize the word every time you’re about to spell it, and soon enough you’ll find yourself writing it correctly without issues.

5) Try word games

Learning how to improve spelling doesn’t need to be a chore; it can (and should) be fun! Why not try out online word game applications like Words with Friends, Word Cookies, or Ruzzle? Play these games during your spare time and you’ll not only learn how to spell better, you’ll also learn new words in the process! If you prefer real-life games, try word searches and crossword puzzles.

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