Language Services

Tarjama provides a full range of linguistic solutions that enable clients to better communicate with stakeholders through informative, accurate and meaningful content.

Translation and Interpretation

Tarjama offers translation services catered to specific industries using specialized terminology and subject matter expertise in areas such as government, financial services, medical and pharmaceutical, marketing, communications, manufacturing, entertainment and more.

We also offer different formats of interpretation that enable real-time cross-linguistic communication either face-to-face, in a conference setting, or over the phone.

Localization Services

We help clients seamlessly integrate material into the local MENA region’s cultural and linguistic landscape using our knowledge of the region’s linguistic subtleties and translation memory tools that ensure consistent quality.

Transcreation Services

We combine translation with content creation to adapt the original text into a new language whilst abiding by local cultural standards and ensuring that the final text retains its original message and sentiment.

Editing and Proofreading

Our content professionals utilize advanced editing tools to deliver flawless and optimized content that meets the technical requirements of any media platform, such as websites, articles, books, social media and more.

The Tarjama editing team is skilled in enhancing content in multiple industries and across different dialects and languages for more impactful targeting.

Creative Copywriting

Tarjama provides creative copywriting services to clients who wish to communicate their brand messages in an original, high-impact way on any platform, including social media, website content and marketing materials.

Transcription and Subtitling

Our dialect experts convert audio content to text across a range of dialects and languages for all types of audiovisual media, including TV shows, films, documentaries and interviews.

We abide by the technical and visual requirements of different file formats to optimize the experience for the target audience.

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Our knowledge of the cultural and linguistic settings and variations
across the Middle East helps us provide localization services for any country in the region, with a specific focus on Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Jordan.

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