Tarjama CEO Nour Al Hassan to speak at The Riyadh International Book Fair 2021

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 4 October 2021 – Nour Al Hassan, CEO of Tarjama, is scheduled to speak at The Riyadh International Book Fair on Tuesday, October 5, at 11:05 a.m. (Arabia Standard Time) at Riyadh Front. In the panel session, Nour, along with other panelists, will be discussing the role of artificial intelligence in the publishing industry. 

Hosting speakers from a diverse set of backgrounds and industries, the panel session will bring innovative perspectives on the topic of AI in publishing. Nour will bring her insight into utilizing AI technology in translating, interpreting, and creating content for literary works and what this means for the future of the publishing industry.  

Event Details 

Panel Session: Is the Publishing Industry Ready for Artificial Intelligence? 

Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2021 

  • Panelists
  • -Nour Al Hassan, CEO, Tarjama 
  • -Arnaud Béglé, CEO, Peter Lang Publishing Group 
  • -Dr. Bianca Matzek, Head of Editorial and Publishing Europe, Peter Lang Publishing Group
  • -Ali Mazraeh, CEO, Arabic Digital Reform Institute (ADRI) 

The Riyadh International Book Fair is an annual event organized by The Saudi Commission for Literature, Publishing, and Translation. The book fair is a global cultural forum that promotes knowledge and cultural, literary and artistic awareness, as well as a meeting place for all those who are passionate about all aspects of knowledge and culture. 

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