Why is It Better For Linguists To Work at A Technology Driven Company

Linguists are generally trained to be future academics. However, in today’s world, it is definitely changing. They become integral parts of the world-renowned tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft with groundbreaking advancements in technology. So, having a vast majority of apps and platforms built mainly in the English language even increases the seats for linguists in a vast array of industries, and technology has been among the most prominent ones for sure.  

Right now, their responsibilities aren’t only limited to web platforms and apps, but linguists also play a significant role in shaping the future of technology. Many of them team up with tech companies to further improve speech recognition and AI systems. Thus, startups or any technology-related business are great options for many linguists to shape their career and the future itself.  

Here are some of the other reasons why it is better for linguists to work at a technology driven company. 

Tech-Driven Businesses Provide Versatility  

From a smaller-scale enterprise point of view, linguists at tech companies are generally responsible for handling all the phrases and translations that would take place on a website, platform, or app. Every small detail and expression you see on your screen is probably reviewed countless times by linguists working at technology companies. However, linguists play a much more indispensable role in not getting any terminology or phrase lost in translation, especially in specific areas such as medicine. 

That’s why here at Tarjama, our linguists have the opportunity to combine their years of learning and hard work with their task management skills. Rather than sticking with a single brand or industry, our expert translators and linguists find the opportunity to learn from our partners in various sectors. They combine their experience with technology-driven solutions and eventually learn something new every day. 

Linguists Ace Their Critical and Analytical Skills 

The advantages of being a translator or linguist at a tech-driven company help you engage in a wide variety of data ranging from texts and videos to audios. Finding exactly what you need and making that connection between what is relevant and what is not requires outstanding skills that will help you in many other professions and create a solid pathway to a new career you never thought or even heard of before.  

In addition to these, linguists and translators in a tech-driven environment will also help solve any communication puzzles, improve the team’s communication skills, and support everyone with their analytical and critical thinking skills in an interdisciplinary environment while not forsaking contributing to their own set of skills. 

Linguists Can Shift Their Focus to Creativity with the Help of AI  

Tech-driven companies use technology to carry out the heavy-lifting and repetitive work processes, thus allowing their linguists to focus on the creative elements. With the help of language technologies such as neural machine translation, translation management systems, and translation memory, linguists can develop their creative and cognitive skills and produce higher-quality content. At Tarjama, we provide:

– Smart language solutions by combining the power of AI with human talent. Smart language solutions include: 

1- Translation, transcreation, and localization with aided language AI and -huge translation memories

2- Transcription and subtitling with the assistance of AI technologies such as ASR and MT

– Content creation, proof-reading, and post-editing services tailored for your branding with the help of our specialized copywriters.

During these meticulous processes, linguists and translators at Tarjama benefit from working with an innovative Translation Management System, CleverSo. The system allows our experts to work faster and helps them produce smarter and more efficient translation projects than ever before. Furthermore, CleverSo allows experts to track every step of their work process from beginning to end. Built with outstanding translation memory, neural machine translation, and termbase, you save time and effort while improving results with the help of CleverSo.   

Tarjama also combines valuable human skills with the power of AI and neural machine translation to present accuracy resulting in ultimate customer satisfaction. Bringing technology, people, and content together in Tarjama-way has been our long-time passion and goal. Our expert linguists and translators help us reach over 200+ sectors and proudly work with over 55 languages while also enjoying the advantages of working in a fast-paced and instructing environment where they can constantly improve themselves. 

Linguists Adopt a Technological Approach to Boost Your Business 

There is no use in denying the power of language and communication in every step of life. From the ancient ages to today, language is always in the state of becoming and evolving. Eventually, this made experienced linguists and translators in tech-driven companies adopt a more technical approach to keep up with the ever-changing trends while carrying out their projects.  

Rather than performing a task, we at Tarjama prioritize business growth by combining our experts’ outstanding knowledge and skills with innovating Tarjama products. There is no need to mention their already mastered persuasion and empathy skills both in and outside work. Therefore, we put the same amount of time and effort into delivering you a satisfactory result for handpicking our experts based on their prominent linguist or translator qualifications.  

Besides all, linguists at Tarjama go into a detailed learning process where they can unite their skills with technological tools Tarjama proudly uses and slowly become responsible for a wide range of tasks at various industries and enterprises. This type of working environment not only differentiates Tarjama from tech-driven agencies but also provides a healthier environment where experts can be presented with countless opportunities to allow self-improvement. 

Get in contact with us now to benefit from the latest technologies where we harmonize with exemplary human skills and knowledge to get your own or business’ voice heard and get more leads. 

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