Found in Translation- Tasneem Alashqar

Although Tarjama’s business is based on technology, the human element is always the key. 

Our great linguists put their knowledge and abilities to use every day to assist us offer our clients top-notch services. We are able to advance and market our cutting-edge products and linguistic technology, including our unique Arabic Machine Translation engine, because of their extraordinary talents and dedication.  

#FoundinTranslation is an interview series that is dedicated to getting an insight into their lives, personal experiences, and vision. 

This week we’re introducing the talented Tasneem Alashqar, one of our Senior Linguists. 

Tasneem has worked for Tarjama as a linguist for over five years now. Her love for both Arabic and English languages fueled her passion for writing and expressing her thoughts with words, and she just knew she must pursue a career in this field. Now let’s get to know her better. 

  1. What is it like working at Tarjama? How is it different from other companies you’ve worked with? 

I kicked off my career as a translator here at Tarjama! And from day one I’ve felt welcomed, heard, and supported.  

Its incredible work ethic and motivating environment created a positive influence that helped me develop and grow personally and professionally which is why I feel lucky to be part of this company. 

  1. How do you see the future of a linguist 5 years from now? 

When dreaming about the future, technology and AI are probably the first things that cross my mind! 

I (and I’m sure most of us) am aware that the power of technology will one day dominate the language service industry. That automated translation will become “the new reality”. And despite this huge disruptive transformation, I will always believe that the role of linguists will remain vital and irreplaceable; still, it will become increasingly centric on the services that need the aesthetic human touch like transcreation, localization, and content creation. 

  1. What’s your favourite song to motivate yourself? 

Any song by Tyrone Wells, Amr Diab, or Coldplay. 

  1. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? 

Say yes to the things that scare you, and never be ashamed to ask for help if needed. 

  1. What would you regard as the three most interesting aspects of language? 

I strongly believe that languages have an astonishing power to reflect our feelings no matter what. It is also a flexible tool, meaning it can always embrace new terms and expressions to keep up with whatever is going on in the world, allowing us to identify that the word exists between the real-word object and the abstract concept in our minds. Lastly, I love its ability to fuel people’s inspiration and curious minds. 

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