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Arabic Localization, Translation and Content solutions delivered with the power of Tech and AI

Working with Companies and Institutions to create impactful, multiple language communication for local markets. 15 years of experience working in the Middle East delivering content in Arabic and 55+ other languages.

Secure and Powerful Technology Solutions
  • 1st Business Arabic Machine Translation.
  • 9+ industries Supported.
Secure and Powerful Technology Solutions

Our cloud-based and proprietary technologies are designed to ensure fast, accurate and secure delivery of language, content, and media services. With our advanced solutions, you can create access to business opportunities in any industry, while confident that all your data is kept safe and protected in our ISO 27001 certified environment.

Grow Your Business Globally
  • 16 Different Content Services.
  • 55+ languages.
  • 10+ supported Arabic dialects.
Grow Your Business Globally

With Tarjama, you can expand your reach beyond borders and tap into new markets. We offer multiple services, including translation, localization, content marketing, copywriting, and more, to help you reach more customers worldwide.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance
  • 700+ retained clients.
  • 98% customer retention rate
Unparalleled Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering for our clients work of the highest quality. Our team of experienced professionals utilize advanced tools and language technologies to ensure the efficient management of projects and delivery of technically accurate, consistent, and culturally relevant pieces of content.

Trusted by global companies, governments and institutions for language, content solutions and media services

Take Your Localization Efforts

to the Next Level

Innovative Language Solutions

Business Leading Arabic Machine Translation at Your Fingertips!

Our cutting-edge Arabic Neural Machine Translation (AMT) solution enables business users to translate their documents from English to Arabic or Arabic to English. Populated with over 12 years of business content, with more added each year across multiple domains, these high-quality Arabic and English datasets provide a fast, accurate and efficient means of translating documents and files at a competitive rate.

With the capability to translate large volumes of content fast, it enables immediate access to information, to capitalize on untapped markets and business opportunities across various industries. (Consultancy, Health, Finance, E-Commerce, and Legal). All without compromising your security.

Your Portal to a Streamlined World of Language, Content, and Media Services

Have your content and language requests done swiftly, with more than 16 language, content, and media services, T-Portal serves as Tarjama’s gateway for clients to submit language service orders and content digitally while tracking their demands and spending.

T-Portal World of Services

  • Translation
  • Transcreation
  • Transcription
  • Proofreading
  • Content writing
  • Copy editing
  • Video editing
  • Media editing
  • DTP (Desktop Publishing)
  • Stamping
  • Diacritization
  • Subtitling
  • Interpretation
  • Design
  • Typing
  • Machine translation

Unlock Accurate Enterprise Translations with High-Security Standards

Our Translation Management System (TMS) is carefully designed to offer you the most efficient way to manage and deliver Arabic language translation services. Packed with AI-enabled capabilities, a collaborative workspace, a secure cloud environment, and purpose-built features for MT (Machine Translation) post-editing, CleverSo is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to streamline their translation processes under a ISO 27001-accredited environment

Client Success Stories

Our Latest Milestones

Leading Streaming Subtitling
OSN trusts Tarjama with subtitling some of their highest-profile titles, preeminent HBO series. These have honoured us due to their high-quality demands and trust in Tarjama's confidentiality when handling sensitive material. We have worked on projects from start to finish, such as House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones, Succession, The White Lotus, Westworld, True Detective, Watchmen, Mare of Easttown, Chernobyl, and more than 17 other titles.
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Saturday Night Live – Reflecting Humor and Emotion Across Languages
As one of the leading live TV sketche shows, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has unique challenges, including extremely short turnaround times. OSN sends each episode to Tarjama only 4 to 5 hours before it is set to broadcast. Additionally, being a sketch show that relies on fast-paced dialogue, SNL episodes have a remarkably high word-per-minute compared to typical TV shows.
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Grey’s Anatomy – Getting Medical with Subtitles
A prominent medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy, cannot be worked on by a general linguist; it requires someone with medical knowledge and bilingual proficiency in medical terminologies. Tarjama dedicated a team of expert linguists who demonstrated their experience with medical knowledge terminology and language.
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Breaking the Language Barrier at EXPO 2022
Tarjama delivered translation, voiceover, content creation, and documentation solutions in over 30 languages across all of Expo 2020's sessions and shows. Expo 2020 was held from October 2021 to March 2022, the first World Expo ever in the MEASA region. Tarjama supported Expo 2020 in delivering the largest Arab World event ever, bringing together 190 nations and other entities.
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Interpretation - Cristiano Ronaldo Press Conference
Tarjama provided quality interpreters for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to ensure smooth communication. We were proud to host press conferences with players from the Portuguese football club led by Cristiano Ronaldo. Our team provided accurate and timely remote and onsite interpretation to ensure a great immersive experience for all attendees.
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G20 Summit - Full Fledged Language Solution
Tarjama translated all the media content produced by the G20 Summit across ten language combinations, with English as the source language. To maintain consistency across all the Summit’s content, Tarjama built glossaries dedicated to the Summit and its events, ensuring consistent translations were delivered reliably and quickly.
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Scaling E-commerce Translation with Custom MT
For Noon, the project was to Arabize their entire e-commerce website, including both Noon's products and other vendor products, marketed on Noon. Tarjama developed a custom e-commerce MT model to leverage machine translation, scaling the translation capacity tenfold and making the project an impressive success. We built a connector between our TMS system, CleverSo, and Noon's CMS (Content Management System) system, allowing for direct, high-volume data transfer and batch distribution.
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Automatic Address Transliteration to Ensure Correct Delivery for Birkenstock
Birkenstock is one of the most successful companies to adopt Tarjama MT to quickly transliterate Arabic addresses, giving them access to converted address data immediately. With this, they can deliver orders efficiently and on time. This has led to a significant decrease in incorrect deliveries and increased revenue for Birkenstock.
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Arabization of The Educational Experience - Khan Academy
Tarjama presented a proof-of-concept demonstrating its capabilities of internal and external talents, tools, and technologies that address Khan Academy’s requirements. Tarjama’s focus was to fully Arabize the content – adapting its underlying linguistic, visual, and cultural messages to resonate with the Arabic learner
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