Tarjama Opens New Branch in Doha, Qatar

[Doha, Qatar – October 12, 2023] – Tarjama, a distinguished leader of translation services and smart language technologies in the region is excited to announce the opening of its latest branch in the vibrant city of Doha, Qatar. This strategic move brings Tarjama’s state-of-the-art language solutions to a fast-growing market, fostering innovation and delivering first-class services to global and local clients operating within the country.

The expansion into Doha reflects Tarjama’s commitment to growth and its unwavering commitment to facilitating communication in an increasingly interconnected world. The company is shaped by a profound passion for both language and technology, driving it to develop tools, services, and products concerning translation, localisation, interpretation, content creation, transcription, subtitling, and strategic consulting, including for events. It draws on a decade of experience, a vast network of thousands of linguists, and dedicated AI teams in its entry into the Qatari market.

Tarjama Founder and CEO Nour Al Hassan expressed her enthusiasm for this new company milestone, stating, “We are thrilled to establish a presence in Doha, a city known for its dynamic business environment and long-term vision. Qatar’s exceptional economic development opens an incredible number of opportunities for our smart language technologies, writers, and translators to collaborate to deliver top-tier work. Our mission is to bridge language barriers and improve communication for all our clients, and this new branch in Doha is a significant step towards realising that vision.”

Tarjama has worked with almost 60 languages and 20 Arabic dialects across billions of words on thousands of projects since it was founded in 2008. The Doha branch will offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of clients in Qatar, collaborating with the company’s other branches in the Middle East and Europe for corporate, governmental, and individual clients across legal, financial, medical, technical, and other sectors.

Media Contact:
Habiba Waleed
Senior Product Marketing Officer Tarjama
Email: habiba.waleed@tarjama.com www.tarjama.com

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