Found in Translation: Tatiana Haddad


Although technology is the front-and-center of our business, the human element is always the key.

Every day, our amazing people practice their skills and expertise to help us provide top quality services to our customers. Thanks to their incredible talents and hard work, we are able to continue to advance and promote our innovative solutions and language technologies, including our proprietary Arabic Machine Translation engine. 

That’s why we are starting a series of interviews to introduce our linguists and give a bit of perspective on what the life of a linguist at a tech-driven company looks like, in which you’ll also find more about their personal experiences, vision and what happens behind the scenes!

Now, let’s travel to Lebanon and meet Tatiana Haddad who has been working at Tarjama for over 8 years!

Why do you think it’s better to work at a technology-driven company?

Given the unprecedented and all-new technology advances the world is currently witnessing, it is now deemed crucial to belong to a company that is technology-driven and centric and whose organizational model, innovation and growth strategy, and future aspirations are all based on technology-oriented to keep pace with current trends and evolve according to prevailing market requirements.

What’s your first thing to do after you turn off your computer?

Once my computer is turned off, I rush to change into my workout clothes and head out for my daily afternoon jog in my neighborhood. I find this habit of a great value and importance for my mental health and well-being; it allows me to disconnect, get tuned with my body clues, release all the tensions, destress and recharge.

How do you see the future of a linguist 5 years from now?

In five years, linguists will definitely be making use of and reaping the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and all other advanced technologies to further speed the overall translation process, meet the increasing market requirements, improve their productivity and divert their focus towards other complex tasks that require real human intervention.

Who and what inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

My long-standing love for languages started to grow in my early school years, along with a desire to help those around me better communicate with and understand one another. When it was about time to take a career decision and choose a preferred university degree, I realized that translation would allow me to nurture my passion for languages by bridging a communication gap between people and – more broadly – different cultures and worlds.

What is your favorite quote? Why?

Come what may” has been one of the greatest key driving forces keeping me all focused and motivated to achieve all my personal and professional goals during the past couple of years, and to believe that – regardless of any and all hardships, challenges, and adversities – one can always find a way to let things happen, to trust in the process, to go with the flow, to embrace it all and – ultimately – make it through this life when all prepared and equipped with the right set of life skills, mentality, mindset, and behaviors.

We thank Tatiana for sharing her inspirational thoughts!

And; that’s not all; there’s a lot more!

Given the diversity of our linguists, our next interviewee would have a whole different perspective.

Stay tuned for the next interview!

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