Get Ready for Smarter Language AI & Technology by Tarjama

Language is people, cultures, and histories. We exist as long as language exists. That is why providing language services is vital; they’re bridges that connect worlds and break down borders. At Tarjama, we aspire to be that bridge. We’ve come a long way in our industry, planning each step with a thought-out strategy and a flexible mindset. And now, our efforts are rewarded once again!

Our founder & CEO Nour Al Hassan established Tarjama in 2008, observing the huge demand for Arabic language services, and also realizing that the existing solutions could not meet those demands. As the 5th most spoken language in the world, Arabic held untapped business opportunities for global companies. She knew that Arabic was a key language market and, due to the lack of innovation in Arabic language technologies, companies had to settle for less sophisticated solutions. 

Since then, Tarjama has been tackling the unique challenges of the Arabic language. With dedicated AI & Tech teams and a network of thousands of linguists, we’ve developed language technology custom-built specifically for Arabic, including a cutting-edge translation management system and neural machine translation engine. 

And now, we’re ready for unparalleled growth! We are pleased to announce that Amethis has partnered with us to propel our growth and empower us to continue developing our technology and expand our product portfolio. Amethis is committed to promoting responsible management of its assets and operations. It has adopted a responsible approach that includes international standards and best practices. 

We Join Our Forces For Long Term Goals

Amethis focuses on responsible investing through an ESMS that enables companies to measure and score their impact on the environment. This approach helps identify opportunities and foster sustainable economic growth by helping local companies develop their operations, aiming for solid impacts on the value chain. 

Besides, Amethis has an extensive global network of investors and partners. This funding will support us in maintaining our position as AI technology leader in the region as we scale our technology to deliver smarter solutions for our global customers. We will continue developing and exploring new opportunities to maximize our presence and help more companies get the most out of their multilingual content. 

We Expand Our AI-Augmented Capabilities

We envision a coherent technology platform that will allow us to scale and grow by improving our team’s processes and increasing their productivity. Our advanced AI technology will help them improve their efficiency. Through AI, we enable our team to provide better, faster, and more accurate outcomes.

Our mission is to transform the company digitally to enable our customers to interact with Tarjama in a streamlined, smooth digital way. This will be achieved through T-Portal and its adjacent business model. Our AI and technology teams are constantly working on developing T-Portal which will enable customers to save time and money while improving the efficiency of their content delivery process.

We aim to achieve a lighter approach to project management by incorporating AI and technology to automate workflows and give PMs augmented capabilities.

What’s Next?

Our customers are at the center of all that we do. We are committed to helping our clients communicate effectively with their customers, employees, partners, and audience. Through the latest technologies and best human talent, we help our clients reach their business goals. We believe in listening to our customers and providing solutions that fit their needs. These values form our unique customer-centric approach. 

That is why we are planning to use this investment to build a next-generation LSP framework that will enable us to transform and automate our operations. We will integrate all of our products into a single LSP platform that will enable us to scale and grow more efficiently. This will help us to enhance operational efficiency and prepare for the future. T-Portal will become even more attractive to customers and enable them to smoothly execute complex language services with lower friction. Our tech-powered project management tools CleverSo and will support us in streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

We will take our proprietary neural machine translation to the next level to provide even more accurate translations in Arabic in even more domains to empower our translators and subtitlers with best-in-class NMT.

We are so delighted to share our excitement with you! Continue following us through this new journey for more updates!

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