How do I invite team members on T-Portal and define their authorization level?

In this manual, we will walk through steps needed to invite a team members/users in T-Portal, and define their authorization level.

First, it worth mentioning that when the team leader adds/invites team members, invited members will be tied to the team leader. So they are all part of the same company, hence, share the same wallet and custom package pricing.

When a team member creates an order on T-Portal and submits it, an email will be sent to the user defined as Approver for their action, then the Approver can log in to approve the order. After that the email will be sent

If the client’s payment method was by Wallet, the needed amount will be deducted once the project is approved. If the client’s payment method was by Card, the amount will be deducted once the project is submitted.

Should the project be rejected, the client will be credited back with the deducted amount.

When the newly created admin user has at least one project submitted, the “Invite New Member” button will be available in “My Team” tab in the dashboard.

Steps needed to invite a team member/user in T-Portal:

1. Login T-portal as a team leader using your credentials:

2. Click on “Dashboard” button found at the top right to access your dashboard:

3. In the “Dashboard” page, click on “My Team“ located in the left panel to access your team page:

4. In “My Team” page, click on “Invite New Member” button located on the top right of the page:

5. Clicking “Invite New Member” will open a new window named “Invite Colleagues”

In this page, the client can invite team members by filling the fields:

a. Name of the team member to be invited.

b. Email address of the team member to be invited.

c. Authorization level: (User/Approver)

User can only create projects.
Users in T-Portal can create projects. Approvers are users who can create projects and are also allowed to approve them.

Approver can do what Users do and is allowed to approve projects.
Approver controls if new orders from non-approvers need to be approved by approver selected when user invited.

d. Approver Name:

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