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Data Security You Can Trust

We take information security very seriously. We understand that quality and security must go hand in hand with professional translation services. That’s why we have been assessed and certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013.  

Guaranteed Quality

Every single translation request goes through a detailed process of quality assurance to guarantee the highest level of quality for your multilingual content. Our multi-layer quality check ensures the content delivered is at nothing less than the highest level of standard.  

Specialized Linguists

Once you place your order with us, it gets assigned to an expert linguist who understands your industry lingo and jargon. Our world-class team of linguists specialize in over 200 industries! 

AI-Augmented Translation

Our AI-augmented translation approach means you get the best out of both human and artificial intelligence. Tarjama linguists deliver content 2x faster than the industry-average because they’re aided with our translation technology that works to streamline workflows, reduce manual work, and ensure client-specific consistency across all materials and languages. Find out more.

Now you can effortlessly order, track, and manage all your content and translation in T-Portal. An easy-to-use platform that uses automation at every stage, T-Portal gives you fast, high-quality, and cost-effective content in every language and format. 

Why our clients choose us

Process efficiency

Our AI-powered processes give our clients a fully automated experience with us. Through T-Portal, you easily place and track translation orders while saving time and money at every stage!


Our translation and content solutions scale with our clients. Whatever your current and future content needs are, we’re here to customize flexible solutions as your company evolves. Our services cover every language, format, and media type.

Cost savings

Our expert linguists work with our language technology which enables our clients to realize an average of 30% cost savings!

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