Why Professional Interpretation Services Could Revitalize Your Multilingual Events 

Professional Interpretation Services

Hosting events that traverse language barriers can be an excellent way to reach a diverse audience and showcase your organization’s commitment to inclusivity. However, without proper language support, these events can also be a source of frustration and confusion for organizers and attendees alike. But with professional interpretation, you can bridge the gap between the parties involved, delivering an overall enjoyable and productive experience. 

How Expert Interpretation is Propelling Language Inclusivity in the Age of Globalization 

With many businesses competing for space in the global market, the importance of cross-linguistic fluency has been on the rise, more so for international events that can now be attended from all over, following the uptake of remote conferencing platforms. It is therefore unsurprising that in turn, the demand for interpreters has skyrocketed. 

A relevant example of the crucial role that professional interpreters play in facilitating the success of international events, is the just concluded Qatar World cup. In November, the tiny Gulf country was home to 32 teams and over 1.4 million fans from all over the globe, and the finale drew a record viewership of 26 million in the US alone. 

In just a month, the country had turned from a dominantly Arabic speaking country to a melting pot of languages and cultures. To meet this demand for localized content, many interpreters were hired to give audiences a play-by-play of the events in real time. So, from wherever the fans were tuning in, they were assured of content in their language, which drove engagement exponentially. 

The same engagement can be achieved for any multilingual event given quality language services. For interpreted sessions especially, that are notoriously laborious for attendees, expertise is even more crucial. 

Interpretation Quality as a Catalyst for Effective Communication 

The concept of quality in interpreting is not limited to just the technical accuracy of interpreting, but also includes the interpreter’s reliability, adherence to ethical principles, and ability to build trust and empathy with the people they are interpreting for. It is also important to understand that interpretation is not a one-size-fits-all proposition when it comes to leveraging an interpreter’s expertise. This is why at Tarjama, we take great care in vetting our interpreters’ skills against the context of our clients’ needs.  

The expectations for interpreting quality can also vary greatly depending on the setting. For instance, in legal settings interpreters must interpret verbatim, as opposed to community settings where the interpreter may take on a more active role as a mediator. 

One of the most obvious benefits of professional interpretation services is improved communication. Skilled interpreters help attendees understand the content of speeches, presentations, and panel discussions. They can also facilitate discussions, Q&A sessions, and other interactive portions of your event, making it possible for attendees to fully participate and engage with the material. It also helps to create a more inclusive atmosphere for attendees who are not fluent in the dominant language of the event, fostering a productive environment. 

Additionally, using expert interpreters can also help to prevent errors and misunderstandings, which could be embarrassing, time-consuming, and in some cases, come with a steep cost implication. For example, a poorly interpreted presentation can lead to confusion and misinterpretation, which can lead to inaccuracies and delays. A professional interpreter can ensure that the message is delivered clearly and accurately, which saves time and resources in the long run. 

Another advantage of professional interpretation is the expertise they provide. Not only do they speak multiple languages, but they are also experts in interpreting technical content with high efficiency. This can be especially valuable in fields like medicine, law, and technology, where precision and accuracy are critical. We talk more about medical interpretation and its implications here

Lastly, soliciting professional interpretation services can help to enhance your organization’s reputation and credibility. Providing professional language support at your event goes a long way in demonstrating your organization’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural competence. This can be particularly important if your organization works with a diverse population or if your event is being held in a multilingual region. 

Bridging the Gap: How Tarjama’s Quality Interpretation Has Propelled Multilingual Fluency 

Tarjama offers interpretation services to help clients communicate in real time across 55 languages in different settings; in person, on video conferences or over the phone.  

We work with top-of-the-line infrared interpretation equipment and support that ensures a high-quality experience. We were included in Gatner’s marketing guide as the leading LSP in AI and automation.  

What’s more, our interpreters are industry-specific, so they’re always in the loop on industry standards, jargon and other aspects that are intrinsic to your niche.  

Among others, we cater to technology conferences, medical appointments, legal proceedings, live television, and sign language interpretation. We also cover logistics, equipment setup, and management depending on the scale of the event and the complexities of your request. 

In addition, we offer the event documentation package, where a copywriter is assigned to be present at the event to record salient moments and summarize them in bullet points or a log, and if requested, they can produce a clear, concise summary of the event in a report. For media interpretation, we provide dub or voice over audio recordings by delivering a translated version of the audio files provided. 

We have worked with many high-profile companies over the years to deliver high quality services that improved the experience of their gatherings. For instance, for the Future Investments Initiative Conference, we deployed teams of analysts to attend critical events and turn their content into outstanding reports and media shareable on social platforms. For the Investopia UAE summit, we worked closely with their team to localize content in different languages, lengths, and variations to target larger global audiences.  

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